About Me

A Few Personal Highlights

  • Univ. of South Florida M.S. of Entrepreneurship
  • 2011 Fintech Business Plan Competition 1st Place
  • 2012 Fintech Business Plan Competition 3rd Place
  • Gazelle Labs Accelerator Inaugural Class Participant
  • Skip Barber Racing School Graduate
  • Founding Member of Teburu (2010-2015)
  • Founding Member of Tampa Coffee Club (2015-2017)
  • Founding Member of Swyft Interactive (2015-Present)

An Entrepreneur, Technology enthusiast, and now rapidly aging athlete, I have grown up in the greater Tampa Bay area for most of my life. In between heat races and weekend adventures, I spent some time at the fine institution Univeristy of South Florida to receive a Marketing degree (B.S) and Entrepreneurship Masters (M.S.E).

While school has taught me incredible lessons, I have been very fortunate to cut my teeth with real world experience.  I had the opportunity to really experience the affect that an amazing corporate culture can have (Red Bull), be a contributor to getting a multiple companies off the ground (Excelerate Industrial Supply, SourceTOAD), or starting my own businesses (Lush For Life, Teburu, DialedSetups.com, Tampa Coffee Club, Swyft Interactive), my eyes were opened to the power of collaboration, building great relationships, and maintining integrity early on in my professional career. Currently, I have a great appreciation for the hospitality industry and never stray far from a good technology startup or interactive development project.

When not working or sleeping a non-traditional 5-6 hours a night, I can be found either training for an upcoming triathlon, spending time with my incredible family, or racing remote control cars at the local track since my parents wouldn’t buy me a go-kart when I was younger. I thoroughly enjoy meeting interesting people and take an immense amount of pride in helping others.